Filing Claims Against Commercial Trucks

Bothered Car DriverAccidents involving commercial trucking are completely different from being in an accident with private vehicles. For one, the potential for grave physical harm and property damage is higher than your average auto accident. What do you need to know when this happens to you?

First Things First

Once you’ve reported the accident and checked if you or anyone around you needs medical attention, talk to the authorities. Ascertain liabilities and cooperate with the interviewing officer. You will be asked numerous questions to find the facts of the matter. While you should not lie to the police, be wary of making potentially incriminating statements. The police report the officer makes will be the one you show to your insurance. Any statements made that insinuate you were also partly responsible for the incident can disadvantage you when making a claim.

Document Everything Carefully

Try to document as much of it as possible. Take pictures of the vehicles involved, their license plates, and the damaged areas. Don’t be swayed by any agents who may try to get you to sign something or make any kind of statement that can influence the accident report. If this happens, get their names and numbers then insist that you will get back to them after you’ve consulted with an attorney.

Staking Your Claim

When pursuing a truck accident claim, you’ll need to hire an attorney specialized in the field. Each state and city have differing laws on truck accidents so if you get hit in Provo, it’s best to seek an attorney there.

There are various ways to stick a liability claim against the trucking company. The trucking company is ultimately liable for anything their driver does during work hours, so it is the company that you will be making the claim from. There are numerous legal strategies to succeed in this claim, such as by proving that the driver was drunk, or that the company had been negligent in performing background checks on their employees.

There are time limits for filing the claim. Hiring an experienced attorney will make the filing faster and ensure that you receive compensation for damages as soon as possible.