Expect the Unexpected in Character Pubs


pubThere was a time when people regarded pubs purely as drinking establishments where all the food were cold dishes meant as a side dish to the main thing: drinking. Pubs catered to the best of them, be they whiskies, beer or any other alcohol including ale, cider and wine.

In recent times, though, pubs have given way to character pub restaurants that serve not only good drinks, but also some delectable food. For people new to the concept of character pub restaurants, here is a look at what these places can offer you.

A Foodie’s Delight

Nowadays, The Barn clarifies, these pub restaurants bring out the best hard drink bottles and serve them with typical British food items such as pies, fish and chips, steak, pastries as well as hamburgers, lasagne and chips.

This way the character pub restaurants are not just a drinker’s delight, but also a foodie’s too. In fact, dining at the character pub restaurants is like eating in a regular eatery, for you get starters, main dishes and desserts as indicated in the menu.

Activities for Guests

Apart from just food and drink, character pub restaurants offer guests a bevy of activities to entertain your guests with. Expect folk nights, quiz evenings and game sessions for young and old at these outlets, making your food and drink more delightful.

Old World Ambience

Finally, character pub restaurants retain the charm and ambience of old world pubs that makes food and drink seem tastier.

Down a few drinks with some delectable fare and visit a character pub restaurant instead of drinking and eating at separate outlets. After all, getting everything under a single roof is always the best deal.

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