Effortless Lawn Care Maintenance That Work

Lawn Maintenance in PerthSometimes, you put too much effort in tending your lawn, but there is little to show for it. Weeds are all over, everything looks patchy and the colour doesn’t show life. What is the secret to having a healthier and better-looking lawn? Here are some suggestions you may want to take note of:

Check Fertiliser Composition

What landscapers never tell you is that the type and amount of components in your fertiliser can affect the lushness of your lawn. For example, most fertilisers come with 30% nitrogen. This is too much for the health of specific lawns. Get fertilisers with water insoluble nutrients, which are a better choice, and apply it on the lawn every six months.

Lawn Mower Blade Height Matters

Choosing blade height is important, but it can be tricky. If you lower the blade too low, the grass weakens. The lawn may find it difficult to get adequate sunlight because of the long grass and weeds. Of course, the ideal height depends on grass type. You can get information about the recommended grass height from businesses offering lawn mowers for hire or any nursery nearby.

Adding a Layer of Mulching

A layer of mulching not only retains moisture in the soil, but also discourages weeds from sprouting. Therefore, your gardening chores are reduced in two ways. First, less water is lost so you do not have to water often. Second, the lack of weeds means no weeding schedules for you. Apply about 30cm of shredded wood or any other mulch and repeat the exercise after about two years.

Caring for the lawn need not be too difficult for you. You can do so much to transform your lawn into the lush wonder you have always wanted. With these simple suggestions, you can reduce the hours you work on the lawn while making it greener.