Edible Thank You’s: Appreciating Your Clients with Hampers


HampersJohn F. Kennedy once said, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

More than Words

It is lovely to hear a “Thank You” but you know how some people say words are cheap. If you want your gratitude to carry gravity, send your thanks inside something that will really make them stop and smile. After all, these people are doing business with you.

Imagine receiving choice seasonings, wines and pastas from your bank. It will make you feel valued and flattered. It will make you feel like you are not just a consumer, a nameless statistic in business reports. Do not let your clients be part of the 68% who feel neglected because of indifference.

Subtle Branding Strategy

What is a better way to thank your customers and advertise your brand than to send them a gastronomic gift today? One of the best deli shops in Gold Coast, Manolas Bros says hampers have long been a popular choice for gifts as they have so much variety and even look attractive.

They send your clients an idea what type of taste you have. They can even connect it to your enterprise. As long as your business’s name is included in your thank you note, it will affect your branding.

Welcome Surprise

A great way to put a smile on your clients’ faces is to have hampers delivered right at their doorsteps any time of the year. While fruit baskets are nice to receive during Yuletide season and national holidays, hampers containing wine connoisseurs’ or gourmet lovers’ favourite sent on a birthday or other personal occasion is very heartwarming.

A number of customers admit choosing customer service over affordability and product quality. Use this to maximise your marketing efforts. Send a hamper today and keep your clients coming back.

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