Drive a Unique Car with These Suggestions

Car CustomizationMany car owners would like to make their vehicle look different from similar models. It’s man’s innate desire to set himself apart from others, and the vehicle is one of the extensions to this desire.

Here are some of the things you can do to your car that will make it a little more unique:

Clean Your car

This may not be a dramatic change, but it will set your ride apart from the rest that will look undeniably lived in. Remove the stuffed animals and pillows. Vacuum its interiors. Put a new set of seat covers. Replace the floor mats with a set that’s more your colour. You can also find stylish pedal and wheel covers to match your taste.

When you wash your car, put a dash of Rinse Aid in the soap and water solution in the bucket. Use microfibre mitts for cleaning. Add another dash of Rinse Aid in the water for washing off the soap. This will prevent ugly watermarks from forming.

Replace the Rims

Get a new set of mag wheels. Most people who customise their vehicles spend a large part of their budget on bigger or at least more attractive wheels. Whatever kind of set you buy, it will surely give your vehicle a distinct look different from most other similar models.

Repaint the car

Repainting is another way to make your vehicle look like no other in its class. Choose a colour you like that’s not included in the standard colours of that make and model. It doesn’t have to be too different; it can just be a variant of the original. Costs may go up the farther you deviate from the original colour of your car.

Change the Grille

The bonnet is usually where the emblem appears. To customise, have a special grille made. If you create your own style of grille, you can be sure that no other car will have the same. But you’ll have to look for a shop that can make the grille according to your exact specifications.

There are a thousand things you can do to make your car unique. Everything from cheap additions to pricey options. What matters is how those changes reflect the style you want, and how they fit into your budget.