Do’s and Don’ts After a House Fire

House FireExperiencing a fire is downright devastating. But, the sooner you recover, the better. While the minutes, hours, and days after the incident can be overwhelming and emotionally draining, you need to be strong and think how you can face the extent of the devastation.

Here’s what you should do once the smoke clears: 

Call your insurance provider

Letting your policy provider that your house is burnt to ashes is the very first thing you should do. File your claim as soon as you can. Bring with you proofs for a loss claim. An adjustor will go to your place to assess the extent of the damage.

Call a fire restoration services provider

Find a reliable company that specializes in fire restoration services. The fire is damaging enough, so don’t leave what’s left of you in the hands of unprofessional. A reputable provider will examine the place and tell you what needs to be done before they proceed with the restoration activities.

Create a game plan

Your insurance provider and the fire restoration company must work together to come up with a recovery plan. The plan should include a comprehensive restoration of your residence. Among others, the plan must outline the process of moving your things to a safer location. 

Know what to avoid

Now that you know what you should do initially, the next step is knowing what shouldn’t be done. First, do not attempt at going to the place unless the authorities rule out that it is 100% safe to do so. Second, do not try to assess the damage by yourself because you might run the risk if giving ‘guesstimates.’ Third, do not try to clean the place, as this might just lead to further damage.

You need to stay organized amid the chaotic environment that you are currently experiencing. Know that help is on the way.