Do You Believe These Things About Baby Teeth?

Baby TeethBaby teeth, also known as milk teeth, are temporary teeth that make way for the permanent ones. The first step to getting healthy teeth is adopting a proper oral hygiene routine as soon as your baby’s first tooth appears.

Most parents assume that there’s nothing to worry about even if their baby’s primary teeth are decayed. They’ll be replaced by permanent teeth anyway, right?

However, this is a misconception. Here are some false facts about baby teeth.

Baby teeth can’t get cavities

Your baby may be small, but this doesn’t mean they can’t get cavities. Babies can get cavities from frequent bottle use, sugary drinks, and even breastmilk. It’s important to visit a pediatric dentist before your baby turns a year old. Monitor your child’s teeth and ensure that they’re growing as they should be.

Your child doesn’t need to see the dentist

This is false. You should take your child to a dentist around their first birthday. The first visit is short and informal, says Walker Pediatric Dentistry. The dentist will examine the teeth and answer any concerns you may have. Going for the dental visit and making it a habit will help children avoid the anxiety and fear often associated with dentists.

Cavities don’t matter

This is mainly based on the idea that milk teeth will eventually fall out. Unfortunately, cavities can cause discomfort and pain in children. If left untreated for long, your child may suffer from an abscess.

Some parents also believe that their children get cavities because of their soft teeth. This is a myth. All teeth are coated in a hard substance known as the enamel. When bacteria accumulate in the teeth, they eat way at the enamel, causing cavities.

To prevent cavities and care for your baby’s teeth, visit a pediatric dentist. Get advice on how to care for your baby’s teeth.