Dehydration: The Enemy of Fun Under the Sun

Staying Hydrated

Staying HydratedAs temperatures remain cool, people still love the idea of going out and enjoying the weather. Others even book their outdoor activities to enjoy what is left of the winter season. What people fail to notice when they have been outside for too long is dehydration. Even with the cold weather, people may still feel dehydrated.

Here are some things to keep you safe:

Get cool indoors

Dehydration is caused by the body releasing too much water. This is the body’s response to heat, as it removes water in the form of sweat to keep the organs functioning properly. Sometimes, sitting in front of an electric fan may not save you from the heat. You might only be redirecting all the heat towards yourself, causing you to sweat more and lose liquids. As Legacy Heating & Air suggests, make sure you buy an air conditioner to remain cool even indoors. Your air cooling system may not be in their best condition after not being in use during the cold months.

Drink more water

The obvious solution to losing water from the body is replenishing it with more. Most people commit the mistake of replacing water with just about any liquid. Gulping up booze or sipping martinis do not count as replacing your body’s lost liquids. The same goes for sugary drinks, such as soda or fruit juices. They may have components that do not help in keeping your body hydrated properly. Sticking to the good old glass of cold water may help protect you from dehydration.

Dehydration is a serious condition that may lead to death. Do not take this lightly and maintain the right amount of fluids in your body.