Deeper Designs on Business Cards: Making a Mark on the Mind

Business Card

Business CardThe most memorable thing about business cards is its effect on Christian Bale’s character in American Psycho. As a businessman, Patrick Bateman was quite adamant on his cards making an impact on whoever holds it. But, when his friend showed him something more impressive, it triggered his violent tendencies.

The card in question isn’t complicated, just an off-white piece of paper with the right proportions. There wasn’t anything special physically, but if you remember the scene correctly, it had an effect. If you happen to be thinking about business cards, you should be aiming for a striking response and not a good design. Anybody that does business card printing in Eagan, MN can design a tasteful card, but for it to be arresting, that takes something else, something deeper.

Where Drama is Useful

Not the drama that involves crying, but that glorious, uplifting feeling when the Ride of the Valkyries comes on. Thus, the use of psychology is your best bet on making a deep mark on people who read your business card. Determine the information that you’ll put on the card. That’s one thing; the other stuff you should pay attention to are details, what constitutes your card.

Typography/FontsRemember serifs, then you can move forward to choosing the font. There are thousands out there, but stick to simple choices. It’s classier, and refinement is imperative in making the best first impression.

Whitespace – The words must never be too close or too far from each other. It must be sufficient on both ends to create a cohesive look. In addition, don’t be tempted to fill empty spaces. It actually adds drama, so leave it to do its purpose.

Color – Emotion is key to figuring the right shade. Aim for something positive that people will relate to your company. If you hit the right feeling, then you’re up one customer already.

The last thing, or the first, is that everything should go together. There must be a collective value in your card, each aspect working for each other for maximum efficiency. This is tricky to do, a lot harder than it sounds. Good thing, you have printing experts to help you.

Business cards, even though small, are worth your stress and effort. With the right design, you won’t have to worry about it for years. It can even add to your company’s value.