Creating an Effective Landing Page

PPC initials with a laptop

In pay-per-click advertising or digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone webpage or a section of a website created specifically to capture leads. The page is only accessible through the link provided in your marketing or advertising content.

Concept Marketing, a digital marketing agency in Utah, stresses that the success of your pay per click campaigns rests on the quality of your landing pages. When your prospects reach your landing page, it means you’ve successfully led them deep into the sales funnel. Now, the next step is to capture these leads and turn them into paying customers by building an effective landing page.

1. The Offer

The offer is basically your solution to a customer pain point. From the get-go, this should be evident to your audience. Start it off with a headline that grabs attention and a short but substantive discussion of the offer. Beef it up with a supporting image or tagline that sums up what the landing page is all about.

2. Call-to-Action

The “call to action” or CTA is one of the most important components of your landing page. It can make a difference between a high conversion and a bounce. The CTA should be enticing and straightforward enough to influence the visitor to take the desired action. It’s also important to not mislead your audience. If the CTA button says it opens a contact form or starts a PDF download, then that’s what it should do.

3. Simple Layout

A cluttered landing page will overwhelm or confuse your visitors. So keep the text and images as simple as possible yet still on point. A clean, minimalist look encourages your visitors to focus on the offer. Pick colors and images that reflect your brand identity and resonate with your target audience.

4. The Benefits

Make sure to highlight the value of the offer to give your visitors a reason to get your product or service. Emphasize on how the offer can address a specific problem that resonates among your target audience. And don’t make promises you can’t deliver.

A landing page is a fundamental part of your digital marketing strategy. Before launching the page, make sure you’ve optimized it to the last detail, and in such a way that drives conversions.