Create Memorable Ads with Colour

Inside a printing factory

While many purchases are driven by the consumers’ need and budget, there are also those that are motivated by emotions. It is common for people to emotionally respond to items that seem to offer benefits or suit their lifestyle. This is why when creating ads, it is important to incorporate colours, which are known to trigger emotional responses by influencing how customers feel.

Black-and-white ads can raise brand awareness, but they are likely to be forgotten by most readers. While adding colour does not guarantee a purchase, printing service companies in Australia note that this can make the font, images, illustrations and other design elements stand out. It can give your brochure or any other print ad a better chance of holding readers’ attention and being remembered.

Better ad recall

While black-and-white marketing materials are cheaper, you are likely to persuade people in trying your product with a coloured ad. In fact, research suggests that colours have a positive effect on how people recall advertisements. Readers are likely to mention the colours in the ad they just read or saw, or how it caught their eye because of the display of colours.

Better page scanning

Colours make a page easier to scan, as it creates a contrast that grabs people’s attention. Black-and-white pages, on the contrary, offer no distinct focal point to catch the reader’s eye. The words, pictures and other elements will seem dull and boring, and this will make the ad easier to skip or go straight to rubbish bins.

The case for black-and-white ads

When used strategically, black and white can be a winner and create a positive response. It can also garner attention with a hint of colouration that is added correctly. This does not mean, however, that you should dismiss using colour in your ads, especially if you believe that it will make your print materials stand out.

In general, colour ads cost more and require a more detailed design, but they deliver a better return on investments. If you are thinking of printing brochures, leaflets, and other print material for your business, do not hesitate to use colour. You can also benefit from printing consulting services to have quality results.