Corrective Jaw Surgery: What You May Not Know

Corrective Jaw SurgerySome people have a congenital problem to deal with. It is something that they have to accept despite life's challenges. Trauma in life, such as vehicle accidents, is also a cause of the improper adjustment of the jaw. 

This is where the need for a corrective jaw surgery comes in. According to Crayton R. Walker DDS, MD, the procedure is very sensitive thus one must choose a doctor who is authorized to carry out the procedure.

Here are some situations that require the orthognathic surgery: 


This is the complication in biting, chewing and swallowing of food by certain people. This is caused by the wrong calibration of the jaw in the mouth; large chunks of food are then ingested into the body. The effects of this are swelling of the esophagus, xerostomia, mucositis and fibrosis.

Difficulty in speech and expression development

This is caused by malocclusion of the teeth which can be crowded teeth, under bite, overbite. In certain cases the individual tends to bite the tongue when trying to speak hence incorrect pronunciation .basically this a hindrance during communication since wrong information may be obtained or at some point no information is collected from the subject.


This is the protruding of the jaw due to the sequencing relationship of the mandible or the maxilla to the skeletal base. Orthographic surgery can help correct the arrangement of the jaw hence to restore the positioning of the jaws in the mouth. The protruding jaw may have effects such as low self-esteem to the people experiencing this health condition.

Sleep apnea

This is an ataxia in which you may have pauses in breathing while you are asleep. It usually abstracts sleep hence you might fall from a deep sleep to a light sleep. A large number of people who have this condition don’t know they have it since it occurs only when they are asleep. It comes with loud snoring. Poor sleep causes fatigue to people and pauses during breathing may lead to suffocation.

The surgery is possible when the right dentist is approached. This may help you achieve the look you desire.