Copper Hunting Tips for Scrappers Who are Serious About Earning Good Money

Copper ScrapsScrapping can be a lucrative habit if you know what to look for. If you want to earn big money from metal scraps, then you should focus your attention on collecting copper. It is not as common as aluminium, or as obvious as iron or steel. However, in terms of value, copper is at the top of the list, and every junkyard transaction involving copper is profitable. If you know where to look, then you will go home with a hefty sum from scrap buyers.

Spotting Copper

Copper has a very specific appearance; you will know it when you see it. Copper wire is unmistakable, but it does not often manifest outwardly. What you need to know is where to find copper wiring. Aside from electrical wiring, copper is also used in plumbing and construction. Older plumbing pipes are mostly copper. However, it is not that often you’ll see spare copper pipes and copper wire lying around. You have to look for them.

Finding Copper Scraps

Macaulay Metal Group suggests looking for copper to sell to junkyards and recycling facilities at home. Wear protective equipment, get the proper tools, and start dismantling old home appliances. Old television sets and computer monitors are great sources of copper wiring. Even your old toaster will have a few lengths of copper wiring hidden within.

Be on the alert for neighbourhood yard sales. Some people sell old or slightly damaged appliances and equipment with valuable metal parts. If you are vigilant and patient, you will end up with an extra bag of copper wiring from your bargain purchases.

Construction projects are also good sources of copper scrap. If you chance around a copper roofing project, then you can pick up a few scraps. Ask permission first, and do not risk the wrath of the contractor and homeowner.

If you find leftovers from a construction site or a demolition site, then you should count your blessings. Sometimes, people will leave old copper pipes lying on the kerb after a spring cleanup. Make the effort, and you will find enough copper scrap to sell.