Cool Down, Hothead: Why You Must Maintain an AC

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air conditionerLike any other mechanical device, air conditioners require regular maintenance to run efficiently. This shows that if you do not maintain your unit properly, then you may lose at least five percent of its rated efficiency for each year of operation. For instance, a top of the line 12 SEER unit that you purchased a couple of years ago may now be functioning as a 9 SEER unit without maintenance.

Here is why you need regular air conditioning maintenance.

Maintain Energy Efficiency

Dirty or ill-maintained air conditioner units lose energy efficiency without proper, regular maintenance. Apex Airconditioning warns that dirty ACs expend more energy to cool the room because they cannot function the way that they should. Leaks in the system, dirty filters, and broken tubes can all contribute to a malfunctioning unit. You can notice if this occurs, translating into an abrupt increase in your utility bills, especially during summer.

Better Air Quality

Who wants to breathe dirty air? The same is true with dirty air-conditioned air coming from a unit that has not had a filter replacement in years. In contrast, people with asthma and other lung problems benefit from the clean air of a well-maintained AC unit.

This is the reason that one of the most important tasks in air conditioner maintenance is the replacement of filters. Clogged or dirty filters block normal airflow and impair the unit’s heat absorbing capability.

Increase Unit Lifespan

Air conditioner units are investments in cooling comfort for your family. They are not by any means cheap, but they are likely investments that would up the comfort level of any room, especially those suffering from allergies.

A properly functioning AC is the best strategy in terms of protecting your investment. Proper repair and maintenance of your unit ensures its lifespan. Talk to an air conditioner repair expert for more information on how you can protect your unit from regular wear and tear. Save money and spend hassle-free summers.

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