Common Car Noises and What They Might Point To

Mechanic showing a broken part of the car

Noises are unavoidable when operating a car. From the hum of the treads as they push against asphalt to the outboard mirror whistles and the little squeaks as the dashboard pieces rub against each other, you get accustomed to it. After a while, you do not even notice the noises.

However, some noises will call for a mobile car repair. As such, driving should also include using your sense of hearing to notice any clicking, banging or thumping that was not there before.

You should also listen to the sounds produced when braking or when you turn your steering wheel. Below are the most common noises and what they could signify.

Braking and turning noises

Sometimes when turning a corner, the steering wheel produces sounds that might mean it requires either a replacement or lubrication. In other cases, the brakes will grind or clunk when you brake.

Grinding indicates that a metal is rubbing against itself, which could point to worn-out brake pads. Clunking, on the other hand, might mean a damaged brake calliper.

Sounds from under the bonnet (Engine)

Sometimes when shutting off the engine, you might notice a hissing sound. It could be that oil is leaking onto a heated engine part. It could also show that the engine is overheating.

Engine knocking is another common engine problem. It could result from using low-grade fuel. It could also be that the engine is low on oil.

Sounds from under the car

If you hear a whirring noise from beneath the vehicle after accelerating, it could mean that some parts need lubrication. It could also be a result of worn-out joints. Sounds from under the car tend to echo so much that it is hard to locate the source. Rattles could indicate a loosened exhaust system.

Whether you are starting the car, accelerating or stopping, it is critical to notice unusual noises and work toward resolving them immediately. Ignoring the symptoms could make problems worse. Take your car for servicing and report all the sounds that you’ve heard even the seemingly insignificant ones.