Choosing Granite Countertops: Things To Keep An Eye Out For

granite countertop

granite countertopMost modern homes have granite countertops in the kitchens. Good granite countertops are seamless, usually made by hand. Countertops that are three centimeters thick are usually much more durable and stronger than the two-centimeter thick slabs. When installed properly, a granite countertop can last for a long time. Its stone surface is also easy to maintain and clean as well. Moreover, the use of granite could possibly boost the value of your home, making it a great investment. An added bonus is the aesthetic appeal of the stone.

When choosing a granite countertop for your home, consider the following:

  • The thicker the slab, the more durable it will be. While most installations use the two-centimeter thick slab, it is better to choose the three-centimeter ones for better quality.
  • Good granite will have few or no cracks on the surface and less pits as well. Cracked granite countertops with a higher number of pits may break during installation.
  • Consider the color and shade of the granite. Choose one that matches your interior. Clashing colors could create an awkward ambience in the room.
  • Check the fabrication quality of the granite countertop. See whether it is rodded and if the edges and bottom are polished. These are signs of good granite countertops.
  • Make sure those in-charge of installing the counter are experienced. Inexperienced attempts to install a good granite counter may spoil the quality and the appeal of the material.
  • Check whether the granite seams have a neat finish. A well-done product will have flat, smooth and narrow seams with the same shade as the countertop itself.

There are many skilled professionals who can install good granite countertops with ease. Check the local and online directories for professional installers near you. Before you hire one, make sure to talk to other clients about the quality of the installation work to see if it will fit your requirements.

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