Celebrating on a Budget: Trendy Ideas for a Memorable Event

Wedding party

Wedding partyAnything can be celebrated and turned into an event. All one really needs to celebrate is a reason, a date, a time, and a place. Check out these out-of-the-box ideas for putting up a celebration.

Birthday Party

Beyond the usual streamers and confetti, up the ante by putting up an actual sign that shows the celebrant’s name alongside the greeting. Have a display set up with the best pictures and the highlights of their life. Place digital albums on the tables for the guests to browse through.

Invite their childhood friends and ask them to share some stories. This is also a good time to thank the celebrant for their help in certain situations. Make sure the day is all about them—serve their favorite foods, play their favorite music, and make them happy.

Wedding Proposal

With the involvement of flash mobs in engagement announcements, it’s not that unique anymore. Instead, put up a tent on your patio or on the rooftop. Have the place elegantly decorated with lights, flowers, and the likes.

Choose to present your own cooking or go all the way with catering services, a butler, a cook, and a string quartet. The possibilities are endless. To celebrate two events together, why not pop the question on her birthday?

Company Family Outings

Your company and your family should have time to mingle. Having a Family Day Out sponsored by your company can be a great investment and it doesn’t require renting a resort or hotel ballroom.

Use the company grounds and install pop up tents. Designate a tent for an activity, then organize the scheduled events for a smooth transition. Rent the necessary equipment to minimize the workload and to guarantee a really fun time for everyone.

You don’t need a big budget to celebrate an important event. Just make sure that everyone is having fun and you’re already successful.

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