Clients consulting an estate plan to the agent
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A Quick Guide to Creating an Estate Plan

May 29, 2018

The future is not yours to see, but it is yours to prepare for. Thus, the best way to create a good future and build a secure life for the people closest to your heart […]

Man riding a motorbike
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Why You Need a Lawyer after an Accident

May 15, 2018

Being involved in an accident is a life changer for many. Accidents may leave you disabled while others may leave you traumatized. Even for people who escape unhurt, seeing loved ones or other passengers trying […]

A child holding the parent's hand
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Guiding Your Children Through Life in 3 Ways

April 25, 2018

You can stop being someone’s partner, but you will never stop being a child’s parent. No matter how many marriages you go through, your children will always be yours. That means caring for them and […]

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Basic Facts about Uncontested Divorce

March 6, 2018

Going through a divorce is a huge ordeal. It brings extreme emotions to both parties and can cause extreme stress to anyone who goes through it. But can you and your spouse reach an agreement […]

Car accident scene
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Filing a Claim for Whiplash After an Accident

December 26, 2017

Whiplash refers to a minor medical complication resulting from a sudden back-and-forth movement of the neck and the head. You may have seen a person wearing a neck brace in a movie to fake an […]

wife and husband doodles in divorce process concept broken relationships
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Top 3 Myths About Divorce

November 24, 2017

Divorce is complicated, emotionally jarring, and a huge drain on your time and energy. This is understandable. It’s perhaps one of the most major decisions you’ll be making in your life. In some cases, a […]