Building a Connection: How to Deliver a Good Speech

April 29, 2015

Effective innovators and successful entrepreneurs must “sell” their ideas to everyone. The key is to build a connection with your audience. However, not everyone has the skills to deliver a speech. Keep in mind that […]

commercial mover

Steps for a Smooth Flowing Office Move

February 12, 2015

An office undergoes many changes in a decade. If you are one of those who are resizing or expanding, you might want to consider relocating your office. The process of moving is not easy, though. […]

POS system

Why a Lack of a POS System = Lost Money

January 19, 2015

Point of Sale (POS) is an essential system that industries such as retail, hospitality, and accounting rely heavily on. As profit is the bottom line in business, it is important to use all tools available […]

air conditioner

Cool Down, Hothead: Why You Must Maintain an AC

December 23, 2014

Like any other mechanical device, air conditioners require regular maintenance to run efficiently. This shows that if you do not maintain your unit properly, then you may lose at least five percent of its rated […]

website designers

Size Matters – For Websites

November 4, 2014

Designing a website is different from designing a print ad media. With the latter, the final design is universal, and how people see it is the same. In contrast, in website design, you never know […]