Building a Connection: How to Deliver a Good Speech


SpeechEffective innovators and successful entrepreneurs must “sell” their ideas to everyone. The key is to build a connection with your audience. However, not everyone has the skills to deliver a speech. Keep in mind that certain barriers can mislead your audience.

So, what are these barriers and how can you overcome them? Here are a few tricks to send your message effectively, whether you’re speaking to just one person or delivering a speech to a big audience:

 The power of listening

As every good corporate master of ceremonies would say, to be heard, you must listen first. People are more interested in raising their concerns than hearing the perspective of others. Before you deliver the speech, observe the environment.

Try to anticipate their reactions, and learn to appreciate their opinion, even if you don’t agree with it. People can easily sense when you’re not open to what they are saying. Body language and gestures say a lot.

 Building a connection

As mentioned earlier, you need to build a connection with your audience. Start by sharing an experience or an interesting story they can relate to. This is one way to set the tone. Build an emotional connection before you introduce your product, service, or idea.
Knowing your audience

Do your research before writing your speech. Be familiar with your audience. Learn more about their native language or some common words they use every day.

Adjust your speaking style. If you think people feel bored, change the tone. Be versatile.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Coaching, not preaching

Be passionate about your topic, but also be prepared to accept everyone’s point of view. There’s a big difference between dictating a solution and suggesting an idea.

This gives them the freedom to listen without feeling obliged.  If they come to your conclusion on their own, you have won the battle. Finally, just be yourself.

In making a speech, change your style, but never lose your individuality. People will admire you for being genuine.

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