Braces 101: The Different Types of Braces

Types of BracesThere are different types of braces that work for different purposes. Each one is different from another in terms of material and form. What are they and what could they do? Here are the basics.

Ceramic Braces

Many people prefer ceramic braces because they have clear or tooth-coloured brackets that blend in with teeth. Many say that ceramic braces do not irritate the gums. These braces are said to be among the durable braces.

Traditional or Metal Braces

Modern metal braces are — thankfully — less noticeable than the metal braces in the past, so you would no longer be embarrassed in case you need to get one. Some of them have activated archwires that work with heat and help teeth adjust to the braces easily — without hurting or giving you a hard time. Metal braces are also more affordable compared to other options. These types are used to treat extreme overcrowding of teeth.


These are clear and have an almost invisible appearance. These aligners are smooth and comfortable to wear. They are also easy to remove for proper cleaning, explains the dentist from Dental Care Partnership. Cleaning and maintenance are also easy with Invisalign because you will not have problems with food being caught in this dental appliance.

Lingual Braces

While metal braces are placed outside, lingual braces are placed on the inside of the teeth, which mean your teeth will be corrected without the braces showing. Lingual braces, like metal braces, works by applying gentle but continuous pressure on the teeth.

By learning about the different types of braces, you will understand how each of them works — and which one is right for you. If you can't still decide, visit a dentist because he or she can recommend the right braces for you.