Beauty Facts You Need to Know Before You Turn 30

Growing older means having to deal with wrinkles and grey hair that tends to magically pop here and there. It means we have to be more aware of our physical attributes and that we must exert more effort into taking care of our skin and our bodies.

As women and as professionals, we must often aspire to look our best. Constantly visiting a beauty salon in Penge will help you look younger than 30. But you also have to take certain precautions to take care of yourself and not just rely on others to do it for you.

Below, we will be listing some things down on what you need to know before you turn the big 3-0.

Don’t Forget About the Neck

Wrinkles not only appear on the face when you get older, but they also tend to show on your neck and chest. When applying skin care products like sunscreen and moisturisers, make sure you include the neck, décolletage, chest and even the back of your hands.

These body parts are most prone to wrinkles, so make sure to include them in your routine all the time.


Before you reach your 20s and even during your early 20s, your skin regularly produces new cells, which can be very beneficial for your skin. When you are nearing your 30s though, these cells tend to turn over drastically slowly than before, which can easily lead to dull and dry skin, as well as flaky patches.

Regular exfoliation will help your skin reveal those new skin cells, which can help you, look younger and glowy. Avoid exfoliating too much though, as this can easily irritate your skin. Exfoliating at least twice per week is essential, and knowing what products to use will definitely help.

Be Gentle

Tugging at your skin, especially around the most sensitive areas of your face (i.e. your under eye area), will often lead to premature wrinkles. Remember to just massage the cleanser on your face and not scrub whenever you are washing your face. Pat instead of rubbing the towel when drying your face.

Always remember to visit your dermatologist every once in a while to know if the products that you are using are right for your skin. Keep on looking younger and fresh!