Be Informed: Complete Fallacies about Aluminum


AluminumAluminum has been used in construction for a long time, and the second most produced metal (next to iron) in the world, yet many people still don’t fully appreciate its amazing capabilities. Either due to baseless hearsays or sheer ignorance, myths about aluminums don’t just die down, but even increase as time goes by.

If only you find out the real deal, aluminum would blow your mind. Here are several common misconceptions you didn’t know are just misconceptions until today:

Aluminum Corrodes

Let’s face it: when you hear the word metal, the first negative thing that pops into your mind is rust; but that’s not always the case. Many metals and alloys, including aluminum, are all resistant to corrosion. As a matter of fact, it’s the most widely used among its breed on the planet.

Its non-ferrous quality makes is its most attractive feature because it throws the need for painting out of the window. This doesn’t mean, however, it’s susceptible to damaging natural elements. Manufactured aluminum products contain protective coats, making it phenomenally resilient to stand the test of time.

Aluminum Is Too Light for Industrial Settings

Considering everything aluminum as lightweight is the classic stereotyping of this metal. This is the very reason many think that it’s only meant for residential environments, which is an absolute folly.

Other than traditional options, says aluminum is also widely used for building industrial metal fencing, gates, and railing among other security fixtures. Industrial-grade aluminum products are designed heavier for erecting durable lines of defense.

In addition, aluminum fences have racking sections, allowing them to adjust to the slope of the land without causing the pickets to lose their upright position.

Aluminum Doesn’t Have a Lot of Design Options

Maybe their timeless sleek appearance is to blame, but aluminum products are highly versatile in design. They’re not just limited to silvery-gray shades and glossy finishes; powder coating makes them come in endless color possibilities.

Add cost-effective pricing and minimal maintenance into consideration, aluminum easily outperforms steel and wrought iron in almost all departments. With these false beliefs are out of the way, making a smart decision for your fencing and gate needs is suddenly a breeze.

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