Cars and Auto Parts

Utah Reforms Law on Street-Legal ATV Driving

November 15, 2017

Utah has allowed the use of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) on certain roads subject to new guidelines, including quads that must be street-legal. Drivers below 18 years old must wear a helmet and own a driver’s […]

Mediation Word In Wooden Cube
Legal Adviser

Advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolution

November 14, 2017

Class action suits can be costly, time-intensive, and requires a lot of attention and effort for both parties involved. When battling out in court for months or years on end isn’t on your planned course […]

A driveway being paved with concrete
Home and Garden

Supporting Concrete With a Reinforcing Mesh

November 13, 2017

When pouring concrete on your driveway or sidewalk, you can use a plain concrete mix. Concrete as a building material is durable and meant to last a long time. There are other materials you can […]

An aluminum louver window
Products and Services Reviews

Various Kinds of External Louvres

November 10, 2017

Louvres are currently a fundamental part of most buildings and HVAC systems. They add to your property’s aesthetic appeal while reducing your energy costs. They are also easy to install and come in a wide […]

A heap of recyclable metals

Money from Trash: Starting a Scrap Metal Business

November 1, 2017

When we hear the word “business”, a lot of ideas come into mind, but money from trash is not usually one of them. Scrap metal trading, however, can be a very profitable business. Aside from gaining profits […]