Affordable Last-Minute Accommodations: Finding the Best Ones

Cottesloe Beachfront Apartment

Finding short-term accommodations in Perth is no big deal provided you know how to go about it. The city will give you ample opportunities to surf, swim, and enjoy its waters. It’s a witness to a lot of backpackers and budget travellers, mostly students who stay in more affordable hostels and hotels in the city’s business district. Short-term rentals in Perth usually start from $23 for twin sharing basis, while private rooms are available for $79 daily. The prices may vary depending on the facilities available.

Cottesloe Beachfront Apartment

Cottesloe Beach House Stays  offers some pointers on how to secure the best offers for accommodations:

  • Start browsing the Internet for information on accommodation options, availability, and current prices. You can even make comparisons and choose the one that suits your budget perfectly.
  • Even if you have found something of your choice, it’s always advisable to call up the establishment and confirm the availability of rooms and their respective rates. This is because not all information available on their website may be correct or updated. The way they respond to your call should tell you whether to stay there or go elsewhere.
  • During off-season, rooms are readily available, giving you the option of bargaining for more affordable rates to help you save more. It also pays never to show that you’re desperate for accommodation having nowhere else to go. Even if you want a room badly, sound calm and look nonchalant when you negotiate with hotel and hostel managers and owners.
  • Often, junior employees of hotels and hostels like front desk receptionists are unable to decide whether to give you special bargain prices. In such cases, ask to speak to the manager or owner directly. In most cases, it works because junior staff often doesn’t want their bosses to get involved. Should the owner get into the picture, maintain your calm and confidence and keep using your powers of reasoning.

As affordable accommodation is readily available in Perth, finding a reasonable hotel or hostel isn’t usually a problem. Do a thorough research to help you land the best promo possible.