Advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Class action suits can be costly, time-intensive, and requires a lot of attention and effort for both parties involved. When battling out in court for months or years on end isn’t on your planned course of action, it may be a better alternative to seek dispute resolution professionals. Not only will they be able to speed up the resolution of the case, but they also offer invaluable help during the entire procedure.

Here are three things you need to know when considering the help of professionals in class action mediation:

They can highlight non-monetary relief

Money isn’t the end-all and be-all of court cases. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services can help parties find alternative ways to settle the dispute. Often, non-monetary forms of relief can help a class action arrive at a reasonable settlement. Examples of non-cash relief are shares of stock, products or items, travel or gift certificates.

They can help lay all cards on the table

One of the main problems of class action disputes is that not everyone discloses all the details or pieces of information relevant to the case. Mediators can facilitate full disclosure which could help the case move forward much faster. They can also broker settlements at a sooner time. Even seemingly small details such as the number of products sold or the number of vehicles in a product recall can make a big difference in the case.

Work out responses ahead of time

Professionals offering ADR services have been working on settlements for years. While they cannot predict what the other party will say, they can calculate or predict the next course of action. This kind of knowledge helps you prepare your counter argument or evidence as well as mentally prepare for whatever they try to throw at you.

Experienced class action ADRs can help make various aspects of litigation smoother and less tedious.