Acupuncture and Addiction: Why This Eastern Technique Could Be a Landmark Treatment

AcupunctureEvery happy ending about drug addiction almost always involves trial-and-error in treatment options. This is because addiction recovery isn’t an exact science, and the accepted rehabilitation program is a long shot for most recovering users. Even for those who succeed, the chance to relapse is high.

All of this is evident in the US government’s decade-long plan to fight addiction. Coming from someone who underwent rehabilitation, this author provides a stark perspective on how this plan for the future is out of touch with the current challenges of addiction recovery, even more so after a few years.

Expecting a turnaround from the government may be too much of a risk of users who need help. Their war on drugs isn’t even a resounding success, and with the money spent, it should’ve been. Nonetheless, you have a choice. If rehabilitation didn’t prove to be effective, or you want an alternative treatment that’s been positively received, there’s acupuncture.

A Treasure, Ignored

Western medical doctors are quick to dismiss acupuncture as a treatment option for addicts, but medical researchers in China pick up where they didn’t start. They submitted a new study on the effects of acupuncture in addiction treatment. The researchers found out that acupuncture is still far away from being the go-to remedy for substance use, but it provides psychological relief, a major hurdle for users.

Feeling good is always a welcome sensation when overcoming a condition, and it may be the ideal first step for recovers. This is why acupuncture centers in Encinitas and elsewhere are rising; with years of evidence supporting their treatment, it’s slowly becoming a proven auxiliary cure for drug dependence.

Furthermore, acupuncture could help surgery patient ward off addiction in pain medication. In a study by Taiwanese and South Korean researchers, they proved that the treatment reduces the dosage of pain medication for post-op patients. As a demographic high at risk to develop an opioid addiction, this is a welcome piece of news.

If you know someone or you yourself are finding a way to overcome addiction, acupuncture could be the refreshing treatment you need. It never hurts to try, and you may be well pleased with the results.