A Photo and 150 Words: Updates that Win Social Media Users

How social media worksSocial media feels like an unpredictable pain in the neck. Each social platform requires special attention; with their growing numbers, it is difficult to keep up with each medium.

Time is always of the essence with social media; you cannot afford to waste time. But this does not mean each post requires hours to perfect — in fact, the best social updates take 150 words or less or just photos, if you know to do it right, that is.

A Photo Says More

Viper Online Marketing, an expert in social media optimisation, says that a few brands and marketers experience difficulty in working with words in marketing. Fortunately, updates need not be words — it can be a photo, which only takes a few seconds to snap.

Pictures are always more powerful than words and today, it’s one of the best social media marketing tools. It need not be a perfect artistic representation of your brand; it can be something as simple as a tray of cupcakes or a cup of coffee.

Social users are big lovers of visual content. A study from KISSMetrics reports that photos gather 84% click-throughs and 53% more “Likes” than text-based posts. With Instagram, it is easier to share even the most mundane of images.

Get Everyone’s Opinions

Social media is a hand basket of opinions; news feeds are no strangers to heated discussions over anything. Since fans enjoy expressing their sentiments, dishing up a question or poll will surely attract their interests.

If you want engagement, ask and you shall receive; strike up a poll that comes with a call to action. Studies show that Twitter users asking for retweets earn more engagement compared to others.

Play with Emotions

Emotions are the biggest sellers in the marketing world. People get more excited with posts that move them to tears or laugh out loud. Create content that makes users ponder or chuckle, one that encourages them to share with others.

Social media is your brand’s best friend when it comes to earning more engagements. You need not think of a paragraph-long update for more users — all it takes is a bunch of creativity and stepping out of the box.