A Parent’s Shortlist of Practical Birthday Gifts for Their Graduating Student

Graduating StudentYou are about to visit your child who is eyebrow deep in college graduation requirements and they aren’t that interested in celebrating their birthday. Motivation can come in many forms and sending a surprise gift can perk them up for their special day. Consider these thoughtful, but practical choices:

Car – Though some parents prefer to give a car after their child’s graduation, giving it to them now will definitely be a great help. Besides making travel easier and swifter, they can reduce the extra time spent in commuting and spend more time for academic activities. Besides, seniors usually hit the ground running after graduation. Job hunts can take a real physical toll on people who need to travel great distances. Consider the car as an investment for your child’s future.

Heavy-duty Tablet or Laptop – Your graduating senior will most likely be typing away at computer rentals or on a friend’s laptop if they still don’t have their own. Choose a high-grade, durable and preferably lightweight computer laptop or tablet with a keyboard to make all their schoolwork easier. If they already have a laptop, buy them a newer and faster model. Most importantly, install necessary programs for their academic needs and buy a powerful antivirus program to keep their work safe.

Printers and Peripherals – If your senior student’s laptop is still new, buy them a printer to make printing their school submissions a lot easier. Try to get the three-in-one printer that allows scanning, photocopying and printing with a single unit. Choose a model that is streamlined and possibly easy to transport as your offspring might be doing work with a group on certain occasions.

Practical gifts are always greatly appreciated by any college student, whether they are graduating or not. The point is, senior students tend to appreciate it more since they are about to leave university and into real life. Remember that you need to be supportive of your own child’s pursuits and this should reflect even with the birthday gifts you give them.