A Guide to Baby Proofing Your Home

Baby’s Safety at HomeBabies and young children are curious, and they want to discover everything. You need to baby proof your home to keep them safe all the time. Here are some preparations you need to make in your home before your baby starts exploring.


Be watchful when your young one is playing with water or near the water. Never leave young ones unattended in the bathtub and always remember to drain the water after a bath. Only leave the room when all the water has drained away.


The balustrade is one place that your toddler will attempt to climb. Make sure that the banisters are firm and that they have no grips for climbing. Put a baby gate door at the bottom and the top of stairs to prevent your child from ascending or descending the steps, reminds an expert from Thenavigate.com.

Windows and Patio Doors

Your baby is likely to bump into glass doors. Stick colorful stickers to let your child spot the door. Move furniture away from windows so that your baby does not climb on them.

Sharp Objects

Babies get their fingers pinched all the time by things such as doors and deck chairs. Put hinge protectors to protect those little fingers. Also, keep sharp objects such as scissors and pens in drawers that are secured. Remember to affix padded protectors on the sharp edges of furniture and things with sharp corners.

Hot Foods and Drinks

Keep hot fluids and food away from the reach of children. If you are breastfeeding, avoid putting a mug of hot beverage near the edge of the table as your baby can grab it or even still, the fluid can spill and pour on your child. In the kitchen, turn the handles of cooking pots from the edges as babies can pull the pan.

It is in the nature of young children to be curious and adventurous. To guarantee their safety, ensure that your baby is under constant supervision and do baby proofing as is necessary.