6 Ways to Keep a Safe and Secure Workplace

Safe and Secure WorkplaceRegardless of the type of workplace you have in your organisation, ensuring safety for all the employees is a must. As an employer, it is your responsibility to minimise health and safety hazards. You would not want any instance of injury, theft, or other accidents that could have been prevented.

1. Maintain cleanliness and orderliness in the office at all times.

Make sure that you have assigned personnel to keep the space clean every day – before and after work hours. He or she must ensure that the work areas, pantry, and bathrooms are clear of any hazards. For example, bathroom floors must be cleaned to avoid slipping, and electrical equipment must be turned off when the employees leave. Electrical wires and plugs must also be checked.

2. Follow all security protocols required by the government.

All the security features of your workplace are not just for show to get a business permit. Even when the operations have started, you have to monitor that all of these features are in place. For one, you have to check your fire protection system such as the quality of your fire extinguishers and whether your fire and emergency alarms are working. Do this inspection regularly.

3. Install and monitor security cameras.

CCTVs are not for display to scare burglars away. They should be properly working and being monitored closely. Your employees may feel that they are being watched round the clock because of these cameras, but you need to explain that this is also for their own safety.

4. Seek for the involvement of your employees.

Regularly conduct an office-wide earthquake and fire drill. You must also release Memo on health and safety. Once in a while, have a forum about emergencies and security to make sure that your employees know what numbers to dial during emergencies, or how they need to approach situations like a bomb threat.

5. Hire reliable people to protect your place and your people.

You cannot just rely on equipment and technology to protect you from potential dangers. You need to hire the best people whose job is to protect you and your employees. Be very strict with requirement compliance, and make sure to conduct an extensive background check. Also, enrol your security guards to workplace training and assessment courses in Brisbane to make sure that you have the best people working for you. They

6. Manage violence, trauma, and bullying.

Threats to safety and security can also come in the form of a co-worker or even client aggression. You need to have clear management policies to deal with such situations. Also, Work Safe Victoria suggests that counselling should be provided for employees who have been victims.

Employees’ happiness and satisfaction should not be your only priority. You must also ensure their safety and security. They must not be exposed to any harm while they are in your workplace, and if ever the dangers arise, you should always be ready to manage the risks.