5 Ways to Reduce Wasting Food

leftover pizza

leftover pizzaMore than being an advocate for stopping illegal logging or banning factories from dumping wastes in the river, there are other ways a person can help promote environmental awareness. In your own actions, you can be eco-friendly by watching the amount of your food wastes and how you dispose of them.

Food is essential to your body and wellness. It can’t be helped, though, to throw away some of the food you can’t eat. A percentage of the foods you buy go to waste at some point. The contractors from Kwik Skips say that it’s important to “strictly adhere to Australian standards and regulations on proper waste removal.”

Here are some ways you can reduce your food wastes.

Plan Your Weekly Meal

It’s best to make a plan before you hit the supermarket. Avoid wasting food by buying only those which you know you will consume to the last bit. Don’t stack your cart with things you thought you’d eat but eventually don’t. As much as possible, stick to your list and just add things that you’re sure not to waste.

Donate What You Won’t Eat

There are food kitchens in local communities that feed the unfortunate individuals and families. Instead throwing away food that is still good to eat, you can donate it to these places. Not only can you help maintain the environment, but you can provide something for those who are in need, as well.

Understand Expiration Dates

Know the difference between sell-by and use-by. The expiration date doesn’t mean the food is not safe anymore to eat, but it only loses the quality it was produced with. You don’t have to dispose of milk just because yesterday was its expiration date. This doesn’t mean you can eat already-sour food, as well.

Appreciate Eating Leftovers

One reason food wastes accumulate is because some people don’t know how to make the most of their food. Leftovers are not less of a freshly cooked food. There are dishes that taste better in second heating.

Take Home What You Can’t Finish

When eating in a restaurant and you can’t finish off your order, ask the waiters to pack it so you can bring it at home. Others don’t do this because they look desperate. What they don’t understand is how much wasting food affects the environment. You can still eat it later or tomorrow if you want.

You don’t have to do something very significant to help save the nature. In your own ways, you can already preserve the environment by reducing your food wastes.


  1. I agree with the planning thing. It really helps me cut down my shopping time by knowing what I should buy beforehand. Usually you’ll only need to buy the basics.

  2. There is another point I think the writer missed out in this article. You can also save money when you avoid wasting food because you get the worth of your purchase. And I want to also add another bullet. Reduce waste by eating with a smaller plate and compel yourself to eat less.

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