5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Car Protected from Theft

Parking a car in a garage
There’s no 100% foolproof way to protect your car from theft or vandalism, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it difficult for criminals to steal or damage it. Here is some advice to help you keep that vehicle:

Keep it at home

This advice may sound funny, but if the weather permits and you can walk or bike to your destination, leave your car at home. Not only will you keep it safe from theft, but you also do a service to the environment and keep your car clean longer.

Keep it in the garage

When you leave your car at home, or when you retire for the night, don’t leave it out on the kerb. Keep it in the garage, lock it, and lock the garage. Take your keys with you inside the house. If you have a remote-controlled garage door, take note that sophisticated thieves can grab the code off your remote. Remotepro.com.au recommends investing in a PTX 4 remote that has a better encrypting technology to prevent that threat.

Be friendly to security personnel

When you park your car at work, you have only the security personnel to deter theft or vandalism. Be friendly with the guards who keep watch of the parking area. If you know them personally or are at least on smiling and nodding terms with them, they may have more concern for your property.

Install a good alarm system

The best car alarm systems are not cheap, but if you want to be sure your alarm works and its encryption technology is top-notch, then get the best you can find. Read some reviews online about the top-rated car alarm systems and talk to store owners about the best they can recommend. You can also get some feedback from friends and family who own vehicles equipped with alarm systems.

Don’t drive a flashy car

Of course, this depends on how much you want a car. Some will drive nothing less than a Benz, while others will be happy to own a simpler, fuel-saving small car that gets the job done. If you want your car to be less attractive to thieves, find out which cars are more prone to theft and avoid them entirely. Buy something simple and inexpensive to own.

A car means a lot to any owner. Even those who are not into cars still don’t want the hassle of losing their vehicle to theft or vandalism. Follow these simple pieces of advice and you’ll worry less about keeping your car safe.