5 Most Eye-Catching Items That Can Promote Your Brand

Promoting Your BrandLooking for effective ways to promote your brand? It doesn’t have to cost you that much. While large-scale businesses have celebrities to promote for them, have you ever considered promoting using items your customers can actually use? Here are some eye-catching promo products that could get prospective (or even doubtful) customers to take notice.


People do take notice of what bag you use, especially women. If you can get any of your customers to use a bag with your logo, then that’s an exposure for your business. Remember that people love freebies, so why not give them away in a raffle or when they sign up to your online newsletter?


A shirt has two wide areas where you can promote your brand easily — the front and back area. Astutepromotions.com.au says that a beautiful shirt embroidery, for instance, can do the trick of catching attention. Imagine having walking billboards.

Car Stickers

While you may only walk for a short distance, cars do travel far and wide. This gives your brand more visibility. Car stickers can promote your business, including your products and services, to pedestrians, fellow car owners, or even passersby when you park your car at the side of the street.

Custom Baller Bands

Making a statement is what custom baller bands are all about. Their flashy colours are enough to make other people notice the words, images, or symbols embossed on them.


Caps are the most traditional yet effective way to promote your brand. Remember that it’s an item people put on top of their head. Anybody can see it easily because it’s within eye level. Sponsor an event, like a marathon, where you would be giving participants free caps.

These are some of the most effective promotional products you can use. Make sure that the designs are attractive, though, so they can convey your message in a glance.