5 Common Chiropractic Techniques to Deal with Pain

ChiropracticSedentary lifestyles that many people lead, along with bad eating habits, increases the likelihood of suffering from joint, back and muscular pains and tension. These don’t do good to the body and put them more at risk. Fortunately, many experts today like chiropractic doctors offer a safe and gentle alternative to conventional medicine in dealing with these kinds of pain. Here are some of the treatments they offer:

Diversified Technique

This method involves adjustment of lumbar disk herniation to deal with leg and back pain. The technique is also useful in dealing with pain on the wrist. Its procedure involves a hand against the chiropractic table, and it often results in a restored joint with greatly improved neurologic function.

Applied Kinesiology

Intouch Chiropractic and other chiropractors say that this technique is a standard in sports therapy, as it deals with the active bones and muscles. It is also beneficial for sprains and knee adjustments. It balances the muscles around the misaligned joints and the intensity of the therapy depends on the extent of the injury and the body’s response mechanism.

Gonstead Technique

This method focuses on the low back and pelvis. Chiropractors align the joints around the pelvis to reduce stiffness and pain, which helps in increasing mobility. This method can also be for relieving the upper cervical vertebrae. It is a safe method to use for children, the elderly, and expectant women.

Logan Basic Technique

Chiropractors apply gentle pressure to the base of the spine. The pressure applied at the base helps realign the rest of the spine as well as headaches and other forms of back pain. This is good for muscle tension and restoring balance to children and adults.

Activator Method

Also known as the decompression method, it is one of the leading choices for treating scoliosis, facet joint pain, and herniation. It involves gentle stressing motions on a specially designed table.

The choice of therapy depends on the location and the extent of pain and bone misalignment. Chiropractors provide procedures that are gentle and highly effective in dealing with tension, fatigue, and pain, so rest assured you’ll feel relief sooner than you think.