4 Ways to Revive the Glitz and Glamour of Your Jewelry

Diamond Jeweler in Boise

Diamond Jeweler in BoiseDiamonds are meant to last forever. If not handled with care, however, you might as well lose the sparkle and charm they once possess. If you want your heirloom jewelry to last, there are certain things you must know.

Polishing & Refinishing

Bring back the original charm of your most valued jewelry with professional refinishing services. In Boise, for example, haldavis.com noted that many jewelry stores specialize in this type of service. These include re-plating and restoring your then damaged and old-looking gems to their original forms.


The fitting of your jewelry, the ring in particular, may change over time. Whatever the reasons are, it is best to have them resized so you can wear them again. This is applicable to new or years-old pieces, so long as you think they didn’t fit correctly on you, you may make the most of this service.

Re-tipping & Crown Repair

Along with polishing and resizing, re-tipping is one of the most requested jewelry services. The whole process involves the rebuilding of prongs that are usually responsible for keeping the precious gems in your jewelry. It most commonly applied on rings and necklaces with stone on it.

Jewelry Cleaning & Inspection

Without a proper cleaning method, you might lose the original sparkle and glitz of your jewelry. Good thing, you can now resolve this in a simple way, like the use of baking soda. Simply soak your silver and gold trinkets in a baking soda and water solution for minutes and it’ll effectively tarnish off your items. In cases that you’re not sure if this method works, it is best to consult an expert jeweler to help you deal with the issue.

Wear out and damages are unavoidable on your jewelry, but there are still some ways to save your most prized possessions. Simply follow the above-mentioned tricks and you can certainly bring back your jewelry to life no matter what the case is.