4 Ways to Make Getting Braces Easier for Your Child

Little Girl in a Dental ClinicChildren can get braces as early as 10 years old, and that may sometimes be difficult, especially if they’re not used to seeing a dentist. But there are ways for you, the parent, to help your child ease into the process and understand why he or she needs braces.

Redwood Orthodontics believes a visit to an orthodontist in West Jordan should be an experience that’s centered on the patient’s needs. This means supporting your child and letting him or her ask questions about each visit and answering them completely. If your child needs braces, here are four ways you can make it easier for your little one.

Keep Communication Open and Easy

Your child may have tons of questions about what braces will do and how long he or she has to wear it. Let your kid know that if he or she has any questions about it, he or she can ask you anytime. You should also make sure that your kid feels comfortable talking to the orthodontist.

Educate Your Kid on Options

While there are different types of braces to choose from, not all of them work the same way. What works for adults won’t work for kids. So, make sure you let your child know about each type, and why you have to follow what the orthodontist suggests.

Prepare Brace-Friendly Food

It may take up to a week for your child to get used to braces. The day after he or she gets them may be the worst, as it may bring discomfort, especially when chewing. So, prepare soft food like oatmeal, yogurt, soup with soft vegetables, and light bread.

Be Ready for Complaining

During the first couple of days, your child may find the discomfort a little too much, especially because he or she can’t eat the usual types of food. Assure your kid that it will go away in a few days.

The main key through this is to focus on the benefits your child will get from wearing braces. Constantly remind your kid of the beautiful smile he or she will have for the rest of his or her life.