4 Ways to Keep the House Cool Without Using the Thermostat

Thermostat from IndianaThe hot summers of Indiana can tempt you to lower thermostat setting throughout the season. This extreme measure almost makes one wonder how people managed to survive in this environment before the arrival of technology. Well, they had natural ways of beating the heat. If you drift towards this approach, you will be amazed by the amount of savings you make. Your air conditioner will last longer and yes, your summers will be memorable.

Here are four ideas from HomeComfortExpertsInc.com:

Ventilate through Windows

Direct sunlight through the windows can affect room temperature immensely. Ventilation experts will tell you that windows are more than just openings in the walls; they are ventilation machines too. Consider using double-hung windows. They are very effective when it comes to air movement management. Some people also install cascade windows for this purpose.

Use the Landscape Wisely

A little shade in the right place can do the magic you need. There are many shrubs, vines, and trees to consider for a transformation of your landscape. You may also opt for a stylish awning.

Use a Dehumidifier

Humidity plus hot temperatures is a distressing combination. Reducing humidity in the room will make the conditions better, even when the heat is sweltering. People who use dehumidifiers and exhaust fans have learned this trick. Get a dehumidifier, preferably the portable type, and place it in the basement — this area can be extremely humid.

Paint the Roof

Did you know that snow on the roof reflects more heat than it absorbs? Painting your roof white could help ward off substantial heat. Many cities across the globe are already considering this method as a way of fighting climate change and cooling buildings. Probably it is time air conditioning services in Indiana focused more on this approach.

These solutions may appear simple, but they can have a great impact on your energy bill and room comfort. Do not throw away the thermostat yet, but try these four methods before you switch it on.