4 Tips to Kill Weeds in Your Backyard

Gardner weeding

If it is your hobby to tend to your garden once in a while, you know how invasive the presence of weeds can be. These small plants and parasites can lead to the decline of the health of your plants. They can even suck the nutrients out of the soil, which can have devastating consequences on your garden that could last a few years.

These are tips that can help you kill off the weeds that are in your backyard:

Spread homemade weed killer on the soil through your 4×4

Making your homemade weed killer is easy. Just mix dish soap, white vinegar, and salt. Take the mixture and put it into a sprayer. Attach the sprayer equipment into the back of the 4×4 so that it will be easy for you to spread around. This is perfect if your backyard is wide and cannot be finished in just a few hours by manual spraying. For the 4×4, it would be best if you use an Argo utility vehicle from a reputable dealer.

Remove the weeds while young

If the growth of weeds is confined into a small part of the garden, the easiest way to deal with them is by removal while they are still young.

Watch out for the gaps between the plants

Weeds typically grow in the gaps between the plants in your garden. This is why you should always look out for them in these areas.

Mulch the weeds

Mulching suffocates the weeds. Just take an old newspaper or used cardboard, cut them into strips and spread them around in the spaces between plants. It will cut off access of weeds to sunlight and air.

By killing off weeds, you are ensuring that the nutrients in the soil will only be going through your plant. These weeds are parasites, so it is only right that they are eliminated.