4 Reasons to Consider Living in Penge

Beautiful new house

Many people think that finding a great and affordable place to live – something calm and relaxed – can be challenging if you are in London. But it stops becoming one when you think about Penge.

Penge, a charming district in the south-eastern part of London, is now one of the favourite addresses in the region because of the following reasons:

Transport is easy

There is a good reason the district is a commuter suburb. Transportation in Penge is easy and convenient, as you can travel via train and bus. There are also three major roads that have routes in the area. You do not need to worry if you happen to sleep on the bus or you are out the whole night in Central London. Some of the night buses end their travel on the high street.  

In fact, it is the transport that brought fame to what was supposed to be a remote place in a forest. Because of it, the population grew to more than 16,000.

Home prices are affordable

The UK has one of the most expensive houses in the world, and a lot of these properties are within London. On the average, a home can cost over $650,000. In Penge, however, it is not impossible to find properties that are almost half this amount. For a price of $345,000, you may already have a terraced freehold with at least two bedrooms.

It is rich in history

The prices are not the only reason you should buy a property in Penge. When you do, you get a piece of history. Many of the buildings and homes here date back to the 1800s to the 1900s. Some have already been converted into shops, private residences and even schools. The district is likewise close to the Crystal Palace Park, where the Crystal Palace, the home of the most advanced objects in the world, used to be.

It’s a beautiful place to raise a family

Penge attracts first-time home buyers and young families. Besides the affordability, it is quiet and laid-back. It is an excellent place to retreat after a tough or busy day at work. It is home to plenty of restaurants and pubs for the moms and dads who want to relax for a while.

It is possible to find a great place to call home in London. You just need to be patient and committed to your search.