4 Of The World’s Best Websites

Web Designer in DenverYou know how there are certain websites that are on your bookmarks just because they’re really good? Well, some websites are really better than the others.

Web designers at Denver Data Web share some of the world’s best websites and the reason behind their success.

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten…what? It would be a shame if you haven’t come across Rotten Tomatoes – especially if you’re a self-confessed movie buff. See, Rotten Tomatoes provides honest-to-goodness reviews of the latest films and TV series – from movie fans themselves – so you’d know what to expect. Of course, they can get it wrong, but more often than not, they know the right way to rate movies and shows.


Is this something that would help me do things? Well, yes, definitely. Any.do, a website that is partnered with the app of the same name, allows you to add a list of what you’re supposed to do, and see it in grid view! This way, you would no longer forget what needs to be done – and you’ll be a more productive you.


Ah, but of course. No “greatest websites” list would be complete without YouTube! When you’re feeling low, or when you need some breather at work (especially if your office allows you to use YouTube, of course!), you can just visit the website and watch videos of anything and everything under the sun!


What is the deal with Reddit?! You may ask, especially if you haven’t been around there yet. Reddit is seriously the place to be: you can talk to people about topics of your interest, theorize about movies and the world itself, and more. It’s a good site to get lost in.


Google really is your friend. It’s the most reliable search engine, and without it, the internet wouldn’t be as dependable as it is now.

And you know what great websites have? Well, they’ve used the help of creative and talented web designers. And it paid off; you get to use websites that are neatly and conveniently designed and that work the best way they could.