3 Ways You Can Show Your Cultural Roots in Your Home Interior

A Wall with Tapestry

A Wall with TapestryYour home is your safe haven, whether it’s an apartment or a mansion. Since you want to be comfortable at your own place, you select furniture and decors that reflect your personality and style. And if you’re far away from your hometown, it is normal that you also want to have decors that show your cultural roots.

Here are a few ways you can successfully integrate cultural pieces into your home:

Bring a Bit of Culture into Your Kitchen

You don’t have to fill your kitchen with delicacies and unique spices from your hometown or home country just to show your culture. Instead, you can replace your tableware with plates and utensils with cultural designs. Check the Silsal Design House, for instance, as they have a product line of dinnerware with intricate Middle Eastern designs.

Create an Accent Wall with a Tapestry

Accent walls work well with most modern home designs. You can create a cultural accent wall without doing a drastic change in your interior. If you have a tapestry from your grandmother that’s been sitting on the back of your closet for a long time now, get it out. Hang it on one side of a living room wall to create a unique, rustic accent wall.

Put up Framed Photos of Significant Trips to Your Hometown

Whenever you go back to your hometown, for sure you take tonnes of pictures. Look at your photo albums and select the ones that display iconic places in your hometown. Print them, have them framed, and put them up on the wall near the stairs.

With these three great ideas, you’ll be able to show your cultural roots in your home interior and also have tangible things to look at whenever you miss the place of your birth or childhood.