3 Things that Make a Woman Sexy on the First Date

Sexy Woman from HertfordshireThe first date. This is probably the most nerve-wracking and experimental time in a budding romance, as it is the perfect time to see, or be seen by, someone as a romantic prospect. That first dinner or movie night can be particularly exciting to a woman, and she would want to be at her best for this momentous affair. Bringing out her inner sexy is a part of it.

Now, you are already attractive as you are. But, for your first date, what other things will emphasise that even more?

A Beautiful Smile

Whilst this may sound cliché, nothing highlights your best features better than a genuine smile. It shows off a perfect set of healthy teeth, thanks to great hygiene habits and a little help from dental practices such as Bow House Dental.

In addition to lighting up your entire face, your smile lights up the mood, showing your date a fun, approachable side of you, which lets him feel like he can let loose and just enjoy your company. If that is not enough, then know that smiling is also one of the classy, tried and tested ways to flirt. Beat that.

A Real Interest

Anyone who ignores her date is a major turnoff, so show him that you are interested in getting to know him better. Look him in the eye when you are talking and make it a point to really listen. Keep the phone away for the time being, and if you know they are not very important, put some calls on hold during your date.

Asking questions is also a clear sign of interest and a great way to hold a conversation and keep the date interesting for both of you.

A Neat Look

A first date is a chance to make a lasting impression, so from the moment you step into your meeting place, or his car, make sure you give him something to remember. Wear an outfit that works for your body. A feminine blouse and trousers are a safe yet classy combination. Sport a neat look that shows off your best features as well: brush those tresses to softly frame your face, and wear your favourite makeup look (after all, you know what works best for you).

A woman can bring out her inner sexiness by looking amazingly at ease with herself, showing interest in her date and showing an effort to make the experience interesting in itself.

With these pointers, and if you choose to, that first date will surely not be the last.