3 Tactics to Get Your Children to Appreciate Brushing

Oral Health It’s funny how children manage to turn the simple task of brushing into a nightmarish battle of wills. Except you’re the parent and it’s anything but funny.

Brushing is like math. Rather than enjoy it, most children think of it as an obligation – tiresome and unnecessary. Before you can properly look away, your child has already snuck off or hidden the toothbrush under the sink.

If you’re tired of the daily ordeal shared by millions of parents, then it’s time for a change. Oral hygiene is very crucial, Denchic.com reminds all mums and dads out there. The challenge is to inculcate in your child the genuine love for brushing.

Here’s how:

Start at 2-3 years old

Kids tend to dislike brushing at a young age because of misinformation. Early on, their environment has made them think of brushing as more of a chore than something recreational, like riding a bike. This is the best time to plant a different opinion, when the soil is young.

Teach your kids about proper oral hygiene when they are at their most curious and absorbing information like sponges. Make your move as soon as they are old enough to comprehend and speak.

Make it your own story time

Children have not outgrown their love of storytelling, despite the digital revolution. Tell your two-year-old about the beautiful princess with the brightest smile in the kingdom, who takes good care of her teeth and visits her dentist regularly. Use a superhero if your child is more interested in superpowers. Storytelling associates brushing with magic and wonder – your child’s own kryptonite.

Put on a show.

Children tend to respond to sounds and movement. This makes for a merry brushing time, killing the notion that brushing is tedious even before it even formed.

It takes patience, creativity and imagination to instil real, long-lasting appreciation for brushing. Imagine a few years from now: a quiet Monday night, you watching reruns of Graham Norton and your little one diligently brushing before bedtime. You will have known by then that all the hard work has paid off.