3 Real Reasons You Want to Have (and Keep) White Teeth

White Teeth‘Yellow teeth’ is an oxymoron. Everybody can agree having a white set of teeth can make you charming at the very least. You may not have a face for the magazines, but unstained pearly whites are undeniably a saving grace.

As with much of the world, Brits love white teeth. Brushing after every meal, sometimes even after a smoke, is evidence you avoid dropping a few shades darker. Despite your busy life, you make it a point to squeeze in your dental appointment to your schedule for teeth whitening in Buckinghamshire; you even have your own whitening kit at home.

But why do you ACTUALLY do this? The answer lies in science and common sense:

Pearly Whites are Called 'Pearly Whites' for a Reason

People want white teeth because white is the normal colour of teeth. Even if you have a yellower hue due to heredity, you would still pick the white crayon to do the teeth on the colouring book.

This is the expected colour of your choppers — you just conform. Even if you embrace peculiarity, you would nevertheless do what is necessary to keep your teeth that natural-looking.

Discolouration Means Bad Hygiene

As social creatures, socialisation with others is a big deal to humans; and nothing works better to do the complete opposite than showing no regards to your hygiene.

Your teeth much like the rings on the tree — they say a lot about yourself. In the UK, flashing a dark, yellowish smile is saying goodbye possible friendships and even job opportunities.

The Whiter Your Teeth, the Younger You Look

A sparkling beam can make you look five years younger than your age. A recent study revealed that a bright smile gives you a youthful glow and makes you more attractive by 20%. This is why there is no surprise that men are more afraid of having yellow teeth than a receding hairline.

In many ways, white teeth can make a lot of things in life your way. You may not completely prevent them from turning dark; you should nonetheless keep trying to restore their natural charm.