3 Places You Should Not Miss in South Bend

Places in South Bend With its eclectic mix of museums, fine dining options, entertainment centers, and adventure activities, South Bend is an ideal destination for families. Whether it’s visiting the sprawling Potawatomi Zoo, the one of its kind Studebaker Museum, or even the South Bend Chocolate Factory, the metropolis is all about wholesome fun.

Do not miss the beauty of this fun-filled Indiana city. If you’re coming from another country or state, South Bend International Airport and travel experts recommend the following destinations:

Studebaker National Museum

You’ll be forgiven for being that proverbial kid in the candy shop if you’re a transport model enthusiast. This museum features different modes of transportation, from an erstwhile horse pulled ambulance to an enclosed wagon and luxury sleighs. Your visit doesn’t end here, as there’s a well-stocked gift shop where visitors can grab handmade cards and other souvenirs.

South Bend Chocolate Factory

Bite into a piece of fresh chocolate made right in front of your eyes or carry loads of chocolate boxes as souvenirs on your way back home. This downtown attraction is a good place for your brood to learn, play, and enjoy sugar rush. The South Bend Chocolate Factory is one of the biggest chocolate shops in the world, with a shop featuring kid-friendly menus and a massive indoor play zone.

Potawatomi Zoo

The oldest zoo in the state, Potawatomi is spread across 23 acres of land and houses over 400 creatures. There’s a cute zoo farm where you can feed farm animals as well. Kids can enjoy the zoo train ride that offers a sweeping view. From witnessing otters gliding in the water to frolicking in the zoo’s splash pad, there are many areas to keep you busy. There’s even an in-house pool, an amphitheater, and a playground for children.

South Bend is a unique and family-friendly destination, which is popular for its interactive museums, architectural masterpieces and stylish dining options. It’s great for families looking for more hands-on, budget vacation options. If your holiday itinerary includes other East Coast or Midwest destinations, consider booking a South Bend flight to save big on your travel.