3 Gift Hampers You Can Give to Your Girl Friends

Gift Hampers for Your Friends

Gift Hampers for Your FriendsIt’s the perfect season to look back and be thankful to the people who have made your life a little better this past year. One way to let them know how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them is by giving them a gift basket. This is special because you don’t have to limit yourself to one item. Here are some ideas on what to put in the gift hampers for your closest gal pals.

Beauty Products

6starhampers.com.au says hampers are a great way to say Merry Christmas to your loved ones. A basket full of your girl friend’s favourite beauty products will definitely make her happy and excited! Fill it with makeup, foundation, powder, lipstick, lip-gloss, facial foam, facial moisturiser, and other beauty products that you know she’ll use and appreciate. Once you fill up the basket, use a smooth wrapper to put it all together. Don’t forget the ribbon and card to wish her happy holidays.


Everybody loves chocolate! If your sister from another mother is a chocolate lover, the perfect gift hamper is a collection of her favourite chocolates! Mix different types, including peanut butter cups, chocolate candies, dark chocolate and even chocolate pastries. This will definitely make her sweet tooth happy this holiday season.


For your friends who love to read and write, send out gift hampers in Gold Coastthat are full of books and notebooks. Buy books from her favourite author, but first check what she lacks in her collection to avoid duplicates. Try to find a book that she’s been looking for in ages by posting online about it and looking for leads. Put in some cute notebooks and pens to make the hamper even better.

These are just some ideas that your best friends will love. It still depends on their personalities and interest. Some more ideas include cooking tools, living room essentials, scented candles and bathroom essentials, gym paraphernalia, and more. Do it with love and send your gratitude to your friends this way!