3 Effective Ways to Care for Hair Extensions

Example of blond hair extensions Taking care of any hair extension is an ongoing process, and its results depend on your knowledge of how to take care of it and the effort you put in.

Read the following pointers to help you have a better idea of hair extension maintenance:

1. Brush Your Hair.

When brushing your hair extensions, make sure that you not only do it often and in the right manner, but also with the help of the right tool. Use a brush made out of soft bristles and start brushing from the bottom as you would with your natural hair. Detangle problematic sections with your fingers to ensure you do not cause breakage to the hair.

2. Take Care of the Bonds.

Any measure to take good care of your hair extension goes down the drain if you do not get it right with the bonds. This is because, when hair bonds are overstressed, the hair around them starts degrading and falling off. As a result, to ensure that your hair extensions remain good looking and last for a long period, avoid pulling the bond when tonging, styling, or blow-drying them.

3. Condition Your Hair.

A good hair extension maintenance routine involves a nourishing leave-in conditioner. Make it a point to spray it in, or directly apply with your palm using a downward motion to ensure maximum absorption. Do not apply multiple nourishing products on your hair at the same time. If you are not certain of what to use on your hair extensions, contact your hair stylist in Denver for a comprehensive advice on hair care.

The above-mentioned hair extension care procedures should guarantee your hair extensions lasting longer and remaining in good condition. It is best that you always contact your hair stylist in case you want to clean or change a hair extension.