3 Common Mistakes in Building a DIY Home Theater

DIY Home TheaterHaving a home theater is a dream for many. However, only a few people have space or money to have it built by professionals. Some resort to building a mini home theater in their living room or bedroom by themselves. While it’s a good idea, many homeowners tend to commit several mistakes in building it.

Here are some common mistakes of people who choose to DIY their home theaters:

  1. Mounting the TV Monitor Too High

Human bodies can’t handle looking up for a long time. Even the slightest upward tilt over a few hours can strain the neck and shoulders. However, many homeowners fail to consider it when mounting the TV monitor in their home theater. Depending on the height of the seating inside the space, ideally, you should mount the TV between 3 and 5 feet off the floor.

  1. Placing Subwoofers Inside the Furniture

Coastal Innovations and other A/V system installers always say that proper placement of the subwoofer is essential to achieve a surround sound effect in an area. But many people don’t know how to properly hide the unsightly speaker cables so they end up placing all their subwoofers inside a cabinet, which is a terrible mistake. Subwoofers placed inside an enclosed space will only produce muffled sounds, and you don’t want it to happen in your home theater.  

  1. Forgetting the Foot Traffic

For sure, you don’t want people walking in front of the TV while you’re watching. So, it is necessary that you consider the foot traffic when designing and building your home theater. You can address this problem by moving the seating a bit closer to the monitor or putting a large coffee table in front of the TV.

Building a home theater involves ergonomic design and multimedia integration. That’s why it is advisable to ask for professional help in this matter. Now, if you’re still planning to have a DIY home theater system, don’t forget to avoid the mistakes mentioned above.