3 Common Family Law Cases You Can File for

Family Lawyers in Townsville

Family Lawyers in TownsvilleYour family is important. You can rely on your family members for support whenever you’re going through something. Being in a family, however, may also come with a lot of problems and issues among parents, children, and spouses. That’s why there are different types of family cases that you can file if you have some issues. Here are some of the most common cases.

Marriage Dissolution

When there are issues between spouses, they can file for marriage dissolution. There are three types of cases they can file: divorce, separation, and annulment. Divorce is not legal in other countries, so it still depends on your citizenship and the country where you were married if you can file for divorce. Consulting with family lawyers in Townsville is important to get much-needed legal advice to move forward with the marriage dissolution.

Child Custody

Child custody is a case that is often filed after the marriage dissolution to determine which parent gets full custody of their children. However, even unmarried couples can file for child custody as long as the father can prove that he is the parent of the child. Child custody can be full or joint. This involves discussing child support amount and visitation schedules of the other parent.


Adoption is also another family law matter. You can file this if you want to be the legal parent of a child. You can choose to be a foster care provider first if you aren’t sure of adopting yet. You can adopt someone from birth or from an orphanage. The process differs from case to case, but it normally involves a background check.

These are just some of the many family law cases you can file. Others include juvenile matters, emancipation, underage marriages, parental rights termination, guardianship, and name changes. The important thing is to get a lawyer so you could prove your claim in court and win your legal battle.